Protect the Industry – Support the Massachusetts Plumbing Code!

October 17, 2022  |  Legislation

248 CMR 10.00, the Massachusetts Plumbing Code, is one of the few remaining state authored plumbing codes in the country and is the finest in the nation.

However, an outside organization, the International Code Council or ICC has expressed interest in having a different plumbing code adopted in Massachusetts, whether the industry supports it or not. As an example, the State of New Jersey was recently preparing to update to the 2021 National Standard Plumbing Code when they were pressured to review and consider an ICC national plumbing code. This potential code change was not supported by anyone in the New Jersey plumbing industry and New Jersey plumbers were forced to fight to save the code they have used since 1977.

The Greater Boston PCA, Plumbers Local 12, PHCC of MA., IAPMO and various state Plumbing Inspectors Associations have joined together to make sure what happened in New Jersey, does not end up happening on Massachusetts. Visit the website below to learn more about these efforts and to sign the petition to keep the current MA code in place.

Click here to sign the petition.