The Greater Boston Plumbing Contractors Association is a coalition of roughly 60 union plumbing businesses based out of the Greater Boston area. Greater Boston PCA provides a multitude of services, including education, networking, collective bargaining representation, representation to the Apprenticeship and Benefit Funds, government relations, membership in a premier Trade Association (MCAA), and much more.

Mission Statement

The Greater Boston Plumbing Contractors Association, Inc. is dedicated to the advancement of the Plumbing Industry in the Greater Boston area by upholding the highest standards of the plumbing, heating, cooling and mechanical industry.


The Greater Boston PCA was first organized in 1883 and formally established in January 1917 as the Master Plumbers Association of Boston and the Vicinity. In July 2015, the Association changed its name to become the Greater Boston PCA in order to better represent its new affiliation with the Mechanical Contractors Association of America, and the continued goals of advancing the plumbing contracting industry in Boston.

Currently the association serves about 40 Plumbing Contractors in the area. Over 100 years after its inception, Greater Boston PCA is still striving tirelessly to improve the plumbing contracting industry and our member’s businesses.

Legislative Agenda

The Association in partnership with Local 12, employs Tremont Strategies, which is regarded as the finest legislative team on Beacon Hill. The Association advocates on legislation issues regarding business, unions, construction, plumbing, regulations and any other legislation or regulation affecting the plumbing industry. With a legislative mission focused on fairness, excellence and safety, coupled with relationships that the Association has carefully fostered, the PCA is in a unique position to be very effective on Beacon Hill.

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